Crazy Chinese Man


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Yo! Its been a velly long time.... Yessie yessie... My bad..been occupied with...stuff =D. My friend MoMo got screwed over by losing his wife and job. He is your typical asian hobo (lol?) with no confidence and being slightly different from others. See how he randomly gets his life back together again. Or does he? WARNING: There is alot of beard in this video. It might turn you on. Most likely will. I missed you! Did you miss me? ^_^ Yes, I need to get a better camera.... on the hunt ok? =D And yes, this is a filler video cz I'm having a major brain fart. I will TRY to have a Bubbiosity video at least once a month guys. Been working on new pieces for the Bubbi Clothing Line. My Beauty channel keeps me busy too but Im tryin my best for u cutiebumbums. Hope u don't mind the filler vid. =D Join the NEW Bubzbeauty Facebook fanpage! I connect with you guys one-to-one here My Clothing Line: Stay well everybodi! YER YER YER YER Bubz xx


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