Nail Polish Collection, Organization, and Storage


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subscribe to me on my vlog channel!! follow me on twitter!! SHOP! (glitzy-glam holiday coupon code is HOLIDAY10 for 10% off orders up to $100, and HOLIDAY15 for 15% off orders over $100! type it in all caps with no spaces in the coupon code box at checkout. go get your friends, and yourself, some holiday gifts!) how to give yourself a manicure video comment and let me know your favorite OPI nail polish. drawer 1: opi nail polish and drip dry drawer 2: nail polishes that aren't opi, fake nails from broadway and nailene, black tip nailene pen, nail stickers, ect. drawer 3: hand lotions and creams, cuticle oil, buffers, files, clippers, scissors, toothpicks, ect.


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Video title: Nail Polish Collection, Organization, and Storage
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