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Description Join the NEW Bubzbeauty Facebook fanpage! I connect with you guys one-to-one here Hong Kong advanced germs = Bubbi ill again. I know I sound nasal guys. My bad. My bad. Hello everybody ^_^... I have been reading alot of Japanese fashion magazines and I noticed how popular this form of makeup is. It's worn on magazine covers, the fashion pages and even the girls on the 'Sticker machine' wear this 'Smoky Bronze' makeup. So I decided to make a tutorial on it. This style is simple&basic. Bronze compliments all eye colours and skintypes. It has the ability to bring warmth to your complexion. Great for all seasons. Just letting you guys know. I am a Proud Chinese. I am not trying to be Japanese. I just like the Makeup okillies? ^_^ I'll be working on my Bubbiosity video now. Winners of the DSK Jewelry Giveaway will be announced on next week =) Stay tuned. Yes, my eyelashes look different. I got Japanese Eyelash extensions. I got mine done in a Beauty Clinic. 8mm. I will research more about them for you guys. =D x Have a wonderful week everyone Much love, Bubz xx


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