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"Color" in Chinese also carries a meaning of "beauties". I use Chinese "beauties" to illustrate favorite colors of different Chinese ethnic groups. Background song: A Beautiful New World (Mei Li Xin Shi Jie), by SHE (SHE - ?????) 56 Ethnic Groups in China: Jing/Kihn: Red, Yellow (Population ranking in China: 44) The culture of ethnic Jing Chinese is heavily influenced by ethnic Han Chinese. Both ethnic groups like red and yellow. Xibo/Xibe: Pink, Deep Green (Population ranking in China: 31) The ancestors of Xibo Chinese lived in the Great Khingan Mountains Region in Northeast China. Pink and deep green are colors of flowers and trees in the Great Khingan Mountains. Ethnic Xibe Chinese like to dress clothes with these two colors. Qiang: Azure, White (Population ranking in China: 29) Qiang people live on high-altitude lands. They are known as "a group living on clouds". Their favorite colors are colors of sky and clouds, that is, Azure and White. These two colors are often used on their handicrafts such as "Cloud Shoes" and "Qiang Embroidery". Wa/Va: Black, Red (Population ranking in China: 26) Wa people worship these two colors. Red represents strength while black represents industry (hardworking) and healthy. Bai: White, Light Blue (Population ranking in China: 15) Bai in Chinese means "white". So the name of this ethnic group has already referred to its most favorite color. Light...


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