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www.twitter.com www.bubzbeauty.com Join the NEW Bubzbeauty Facebook fanpage! I connect with you guys one-to-one here www.facebook.com bubbi.bubzbeauty.com My clothing line shop. So What does Television teach us? Teaches us that you should not watch tv all the time. Mainly a spoof of Work Out/Fitness Dvds with extras =DDDD I actually use the Pump it Up workout dvd and I LUV IT btw. Sexy girls and the greasy random guy in the bg. Whats not to like? FEEL THE BURN!! HIP THRUST!!! YERRRRRRR Yes I did it! I stuffed my spandex with socks/orange. What are you going to do about it? XD. Dad actually ate that orange after...pretty gross even though I did wear 2 layers underneath the spandex. Hope you guys dont mind the vulgarness of my manly bulge. I know aerobic instructors usually wear that elastic stretchy swimsuit gear... Anywaysss... =D I kept singing CALL ON MEEEEE today too tehehehehe... Asian dramas ftw! I love watching people daydream =D its my fav part. Tehehe... Yes, my father couldn't even notice I was in my man gear. He is awesome. My source of entertainment. Stay well guys! YER YER YER YER! Bubz xx


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Video title: HIP THRUST!
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