Haiti DEBUNKED Slow Motion and Enhanced Stills


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SEE: www.neilslade.com UPdated REAL PROOF of ALIENS from another dimension Who killed Kennedy? Here ya go, and you better sit down first: www.youtube.com and www.BrainRadar.com And PLEASE click on "neilslade" and see my other videos-- and subscribe-- I have some ASTONISHING things coming soon...- Neil Other links of interest http www.neilslade.com Definitely a hoax. What nailed the coffin was discovery of the "gasp" at the beginning. Its a standard sound effects clip you may listen to here: www.utdallas.edu Exactly the same as used on this clip. Exactly. A good analysis on Rense about poor judgment both on the pro and con side. www.rense.com Other clues: 1A) From an air-force fighter pilot: The two craft BANK LEFT as they fly off. WHY? Banking is strictly a aerodynamic movement for turning, certainly not necessary for anti-gravity or non-aerodynamic craft. These fly like snowflake shaped jets turning-- nonsense, no need to bank at all. 1) A close look at Vue 6 shows a real liking for palm trees in their demo videos, and the ability to make all foliage look individual rather than clones. Very suspicious. 2) the film takes place at twilight, and with a bright sunset, which could have hid significant CGI flaws and giveaways. Very convenient. 2) There is not a single human in the video, which is next to impossible at this time to CGI perfectly. All these buildings on a beach, and no people anywhere with massive UFOs flying overhead?? 3) Even though we do hear an authentic...


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Video title: Haiti DEBUNKED Slow Motion and Enhanced Stills
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