120 East Asian Beauties/Girls

Moko Top Girl

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If you want to watch this video in high quality, enter "&fmt=18" behind the URL at the top, then press enter. === East Asian Girls === Korean girls - 40 pics. Japanese girls - 40 pics. Chinese&Taiwanese girls - 40 pics. Please don't ask me who they are. Most of them, I don't know. These pics were the best I could get at this moment. I apologize that I couldn't get enough qualities from China. Most of the Chinese pictures were taken for news articles and ads or had corporate logos and descriptions. There weren't enough gravure pictures and photo books, and at that time, it was really hard for me to find them. Background Music: "capsule - CrazEEE Skyhopper" Part 2 (95 Asian Beauties/Girls) www.youtube.com No racist comment please.


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